Swimmable shark fins

You will love your new Shark Fin and it will provide hours of fun. To allow for the greatest flexibility for differing sizes we created the fin with a plastic buckle and adjustable tri-glides. If needed, here are instructions to reattach your buckle and tri-glides if you expand them too far and they come off.

How to Re-thread the Shark Fin buckle and tri-glides:

1. Start to thread the elastic strap up through the bottom slot closest to where the buckle snaps together.


2. Then wrap the elastic strap all the way over and come up the outside slot.


3. Then take the leading end and go back down the first slot and pull tight.  Adjust the length of the elastic strap to fit your little shark.



How to reattach the shoulder elastic strap with tri-glides:

1. Fold the shoulder elastic back on itself forming a loop.


2. Push the loop up through the first slot of the tri-glide go over the top center ridge...


then back down the second slot.


Slide the tri-glide to adjust the length of the strap to best fit your shark.


3. Insert the waist strap/buckle through the open shoulder loop and you are ready to swim.



shark fin